Thankful for Thanksgiving

WOW, what a weekend!! I feel like Thanksgiving vacation went by waaay too fast and I also think that I haven’t moved from my couch all. day. long.  I’m still in a food coma and pretty sure I just downloaded Ashy Bines app to help me get butt in gear and maybe to help justify all the desserts I’m about to inhale :-/ Check it out!


I am so, very thankful for Thanksgiving this year because I was able to spend it with close friends.  I love this because I was not able to spend it with my immediate family (which was very difficult) my friends made and executive decision (or I might have invited myself) to have us over and my heart runneth over.  Our children love each other so much and its so refreshing to see kids laugh, run around outside using their imaginations, no tablets or technical devices around!  A huge thanks is in order for my girl, Wendi’s mama, Ms. Sheri, she did an incredible job!  The food was amazing but the appetizer selections were my favorite! Stuffed mushrooms, stuffed peppers, deviled eggs, chips and corn salsa dip, and ohhh so much more!   We are forever grateful for their wam hospitality!  Of COURSE after dinner a couple of us did some black Friday shopping but I couldn’t hang all night so, I peaced out early!

Below: Wendi and I


Now, lets end on a good note!! My babies got their Christmas pictures taken and they turned out fabulously!  I love them so much! Bryan and I decided we were over pictures of so our Christmas cards will be of the girls only…sorry, not sorry cause they will make the cards so purty!


LAST THING, I swear but I’m attempting to make this next week and will let you know how it turns out! Also, anyone watching HALLMARK channel?!  Loving every show!


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